2016 Mileage Allowance

Save money on the miles you drive with your vehicle

Medical - Save money on your taxes with this fuel allowance method

Every year the IRS publishes the new amount for the deductible or allowance on fuel for your vehicle if you fall under their assigned situation.

Medical And Moving Mileage Rate

The medical mileage rate for a tax allowance or tax deduction is set for the year 2016 at 19 cents and that is roughly a half of the business mileage rate.

The amount for medical mileage deduction isn't much but it actually covers the cost for gas and a little more for most of us.

The taxpayer may use the medical and moving standard mileage rate to compute the deduction for the automobile, as medical care described in §213 or as a moving expense deductible under §217.

Medical Care

See information of diseases that are applicable as an examle at Section 213.

Moving Miles

§ 217. Moving expenses

(a) Deduction allowed:
There shall be allowed as a deduction moving expenses paid or incurred during the taxable year in connection with the commencement of work by the taxpayer as an employee or as a self-employed individual at a new principal place of work.

(b) Definition of moving expenses:
(1) In general for purposes of this section, the term ‘‘moving expenses’’ means only the reasonable expenses—
(A) of moving household goods and personal effects from the former residence to the new residence, and
(B) of traveling (including lodging) from the former residence to the new place of residence.

Such term shall not include any expenses for meals.

Individuals other than the taxpayer

In the case of any individuals other than the taxpayer, expenses referred to in paragraph #1 shall be taken into account only if such individual has both the former and new residence as the formal place of abode and is a member of the taxpayer's household.

There is more information available such as:

Info about a minimum of 50 miles farther from his former residence than was his former principle place of work.

(B) if he had no former principal place of work, is at least 50 miles from his former residence, and...

Find a lot more information on Page 830 of this US Government Publication §217.


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