2016 Mileage Allowance

Save money on the miles you drive with your vehicle

I am Roger Chartier,
the author of this site.

I have a great interest in the Mileage Allowance as I use a lot of miles  on my vehicle that are business related and I am a Sole Proprietor.

I find that because the van is paid for, I get about 21 MPG, and my costs to operate it are low, this causes the Mileage Allowance or Standard Mileage Rate for business to be worthwhile.

There are other methods to get a tax advantage for your car pickup truck or panel van as well.

I have discussed those on some other sites, such as the Actual Expense method of deduction.

There is some interest in the www.FAVR.cc program for getting paid by your employer for business miles that you as an employee run for their business.

If you want to know more about my work and myself go to  www.RC123.com/roger.html for a greater bio and a list of websites that I have written.




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